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Based on Knowledge, Experience and Customer Service

EBS Restoration can help you with your bushcare projects by providing the following services:

  • Sensitive weed control
  • Minimal disturbance weed management within native vegetation areas
  • Weed mapping
  • Pest animal control
  • Fencing
  • Vegetation, weed and pest animal management plans





Examples of our bushcare work include the Myponga Reservoir Bushcare, City of Tea Tree Gully Remnant Roadside Vegetation Bushcare, and the Kanmantoo Mine Bushcare projects.

Weed invasion is one of the largest threats to the ongoing quality and biodiversity of remnant native vegetation. When undertaking weed control in these areas it is critical to employ bushcare practices to avoid off-target damage, particularly where threatened species exist. Such methods include cut and swab, drill and frill, spot spraying, grubbing, hand pulling and minimum disturbance practices. Bushcare weed control can target any weed species but olive, bridal-creeper, broom, watsonia, boxthorn and blackberry are common targets.

EBS Restoration provides bushcare services to anyone with responsibility for native vegetation including private landholders, friend of parks groups, local councils, environmental groups, natural resource management boards and government departments.  EBS Restoration staff are passionate, highly skilled and broadly experienced in bushcare. The success of our work reflects our care in selection of the most appropriate bushcare method, skills in native and exotic plant identification and timing of treatments to ensure maximum effect.

For examples of our work please refer to our case studies page.

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