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Controlling Coolatai Grass (Hyparrhenia hirta)

Coolatai Grass is an introduced densely tufted, tussock-forming perennial grass which is currently listed as Declared under the Natural Resource Management Act 2004. The main distribution of Coolatai Grass is within the Northern Adelaide Region scattered at various densities within private lands as well as public lands such as Council reserves, roadsides, and conservation parks with smaller infestations spread to other parts of the state.EBS Restoration and EBS Ecology recently concluded a two year study investigating the effects of various herbicide treatments and application methods on Coolatai Grass. A total of eight treatments and two application methods were identified to have been used in the past by land managers.

Our research identified the effectiveness of each treatment within a very controlled manner and has resulted in a more targeted approach for land managers when controlling Coolatai Grass.

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