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Christies Creek Upgrade

The Christies Creek Upgrade is a large scale, multi-site, multi stage contract working closely with one of SA’s major civil works operators.

This project is part of the Waterproofing the South program, a series of projects including wetlands and detention basins making up a localised integrated water resource management strategy. It is based entirely in the City of Onkaparinga for the provision of alternative water sources. The project will maintain environmental flows in Christies Creek, improve biodiversity and provide for recreation opportunities.

EBS Restorations’ scope within the project included:

  • Extensive site preparation and weed control Planting of approximately 80,000 wetland, ephemeral and terrestrial plants as per landscape drawings Mulching Pest control (carp)
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Aquatic plantings were done to Australian Height Datum (AHD) specification, to ensure optimum plant establishment and also to ensure maximum operating effectiveness of the wetland.

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