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Waite Conservation Reserve Woody Weed Control

The Waite Conservation Reserve in the Adelaide Hills is one of the most important areas for scientific research among Adelaide University students. Today the Waite Conservation Reserve is noted as having the best surviving example of Grey Box Grassy Woodland. For two years EBSR have undertaken woody weed control (primarily Olives) within the reserve. Work which Dr Jennifer Gardner, Curator of the Waite Arboretum, believes is very important for preserving the 147 hectares of land. “This is a very worthwhile project to conserve the biodiversity of the area,” Dr Gardner said. The Waite Conservation Reserve has many great walking trails, has been used for research projects and practical reports, as well as being home to hundreds of species of native plants, kangaroos, koalas and echidnas. “The reserve now boasts 131 hectares of heritage land,” Dr Gardner said. The restoration project requires a great deal of care. All material is cut, piled and burnt on site. “This is the only way to control the woody weeds,” she said. EBSR have utilised a portable water tank, pump and hoses to help extinguish fires safely and efficiently. The Waite Conservation Reserve is open to the public from dawn to dusk every day except on Fire Ban Days in the metropolitan fire district call (CFS Hotline 1300 362361).

Waite Conservation Reserve

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