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Semaphore Dunes Revegetation

Semaphore is one of Adelaide’s most iconic beaches. It’s home to big events like the Semaphore Greek Festival and the Adelaide International Kite Festival, attracting thousands of visitors every year. With large amounts of people converging on the region, the Semaphore Dunes Revegetation program is pivotal to the survival of indigenous fauna and the stabilisation of coastal dune systems. For the last six years EBS Restoration has planted in the vicinity of 20,000 plants at various locations along the fore dunes between Semaphore and North Haven. City of Port Adelaide and Enfield Council Project Officer for Parks and Gardens, Andrew Walker said, “the partnership between the PAE Council and EBS Restoration has grown over the years and the professionalism and passion that has been shown by EBSR has resulted in providing a healthy coastal habitat for all of the community to appreciate. The continued positive approach by the PAE Council and EBSR in implementing the coastal management plan has produced a coastal vegetation system that is healthy and strong for the coastal habitat and the surrounding community”. With the continued funding for plant establishment and weed control, Mr. Walkers said the Semaphore Dunes Revegetation program has produced a healthier indigenous habitat and is noticeable to the community.


Semaphore Dunes

Semaphore Dunes


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